Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Arp, Arp, ARRGGHH (or why the CLI beats the GUI every...freaking...time)

Ready for a long one?

Our building recently had a scheduled power outage. I hate those. We don't have DRAC on our servers so it requires me to physically come in and power up each server. Thankfully this was the first time this happened during my stint at my company, and I hope it doesn't prove to be a frequent occurrence.

So I wander in intending to hit the power button and be done in 30 minutes tops. I should know better by now than to think that anything will ever turn out as simple as it sounds in theory; perhaps I'm an eternal optimist? At any rate, it became quickly apparent that this was not going to be an in and out operation (insert well-known phrase from The Office here :) ) when the first Linux server came up and stalled at booting due to an entry is fstab. It wasn't a critical mount; it was just a CIFS mount to a NAS so I didn't imagine it would stall the process all together if it couldn't make the connection. That is exactly what was happening though. The Windows servers came up without a hitch, and my remaining Linux boxes all hung.