Saturday, August 13, 2011

Google Password Militia

I had the unfortunate experience of finding out that Google is very strict and a little heavy-handed with their password policy. I had forgotten my password for logging in to YouTube, but it turned out that I had a session open in a browser window that I hadn't closed so I could go in and change my password to one that I would hopefully remember. I changed it to something random, thinking it was solely for YouTube. It turned out that it changed my Gmail password as well since the two are now linked (quite against my will mind you). This meant that my email password for Gmail was now different from the rest of my email accounts, which was an important thing for me. I use a password for email, another for social networking, another for financial, etc. I tried to go back and change my Gmail back to my old password and Google won't let me. No warning about how it's bad to reuse the same password, just a line that says you can't. Period. Not that you can't use the last 3 even. You cannot use a previously used password. Crap.

I then tried to set it to a few different passwords, hoping maybe I could age it out. Turns out Google is a little overbearing about your password. Too short, not strong enough... I'm definitely all for security, and normally I wouldn't have any issue with creating a strong password. But, I don't really need Google forcing it on me. It's my account, my security. Give me a couple of warnings and stern admonishments, then let me make my own decision. Don't force it on me.

So now I can't use my favorite password, and it's made me cranky.

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