Friday, April 1, 2011

OMSA Network Mystery Solved...?

No root cause analysis here, but it's working and quite frankly at this point, that's good enough for me. I made the very common mistake of throwing multiple solutions at this problem at once so I'm not entirely sure which one resolved it, but it was either down/upgrading the OMSA version (I downgraded to 6.3, and not a day later 6.5 was announced so I tried that out as well) or actually rebooting the server instead of starting the datamgr daemon manually. I hope it was the version because it would be pretty crappy if you actually had to reboot the server to get OMSA to work properly. Linux servers are known for not having to reboot after every update/patch/fix and this is pretty contrary to that feature.

I am now using OMSA and the check_openmanage plugin ( to monitor the server hardware through Nagios. Not too shabby. Now, on to getting Nagios to send notifications for alerts.

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